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    changing scrollTrackColor bckground problem

      hi harveyc & to all flash fanatic,

      i'm intersted also to wt u did in flashkit.com but ryt nw i'm using a default component like scrollpane bcoz i'm only beginner in AS dt's y f u don't mind, can u give me d exact code on how to change d bgcolor of d scrollTrackColor & wer s d exact to put it in flash?

      I tried alreadu some sample on dis forum bt still it won't run as in no effect. I think i just miss type d code:

      here's my sample code for u to see and analyze


      mysp.setStyle("borderStyle", "none"); - dis one work, its remove d white border of scrollpane

      mysp.setStyle("scrollTrackColor", 0x000000); - & diz won't work at all, as in no effect.

      what should i do now . pls help me too.

      tnx an advnce 4 ur help