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    AIR 2.0.2 SDK confusion

    Dave F in Austin

      Hey guys - I'm having some difficulty migrating form AIR 1.5 SDK to  AIR 2.0 SDK. I'm running Flash CS4. A couple of questions for the group  ...


      • I noticed the most recent SDK version is 2.0.2 and NOT 2.0.3? Does  this mean the current 2.0.2 SDK contains the Windows performance bug?  Or has this been corrected in the 2.0.2 SDK?
      • The instructions for installing AIR 2.0.2 for Flash CS4 are  somewhat confusing  (http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/air/2/releasenotes_developers.html#h)  I've followed these instructions but am NOT seeing any confirmation in  the UI that I'm targeting AIr 2.0. In the publish settings the target  AIR still reads AIR 1.5? Is this correct?


      Many thanks in advance for helping to clarify.