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    Error too many activations


      I noticed that this comes up often in the discussions.  I have exceeded my allowed activations for digital editions and I can't activate my ereader.  Does anyone know how I can re-set my authorizations?  I have opened up a web case, but have not received any help (they closed my case). I was told by customer service to try the forum.  Can anyone help?



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          Jim Lester Level 4

          While webchat is getting better,  the best thing to do is to open up a web support case by going to http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions and clicking on 'Submit a web case'.


          Do not call.  Support for free products is not offered via phone.  At best they will tell you what I said above, and at worst they will try to be helpful but not be able to resolve the problem.


          If you have already done this (and this was the case you were talking about that was closed), post the case # and I'll make sure it gets looked at.



          Jim Lester

          Engineering Lead - Digital Publishing

          Adobe Systems

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            Melina23 Level 1

            The case number for the original request that was subsequently closed was: 0204275435. To cover all bases I submitted another case earlier today and it is pending the number for that case is 0181812050.


            Thanks a lot for looking into it for me.

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              Jim Lester Level 4

              0204275435 was a phone support case, and they closed the case after redirecting you (incorrectly) to the technical support number.

              0181812050 is a tech support case, so at least you are in the right queue now.  If they don't get back to you before the end of the week, send me a pm to let me know.

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                I also have too many activations!  I am a teacher and have 20 e-readers where I would like to download different books that I have purchased into the 20 different readers to use with my students.  I have spent hours trying to get someone on the phone to help me. Finally, I was directed to establish a case #0181813794.  The response from Arvid has been that you only get 6 activations and to try the forums.  Now I am here, Jim.  I would like my activations increased so that I can use these 20 e-readers in a classroom setting or at least a process where I can de-activate the 6 readers and add new devices to download more e-books until I have the 20 e-readers ready to use with my class.  Has anyone considered that e-readers are the future of classroom reading and that we have more than 6 students who need to use those readers?  Please help!  And thank you!

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                  Jim Lester Level 4

                  Sorry, klynch, but the upper limit is part of Adobe's agreement with the publisher's as a whole.  We are not allowed to make exceptions even in worthy cases such as yours.  You will need to partition the e-readers up into 4 groups with each of the groups authorized to a different AdobeID.  You will not be able to share content licensed to one of the groups to any of the other groups.



                  Jim Lester

                  Engineering Lead - Digital Publishing

                  Adobe Systems

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                    Melina23 Level 1

                    Hi Jim.


                    Tech support was successful in resetting my account and I was able to authorize my ereader.


                    Thanks a lot for the help!

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                      klynch30 Level 1

                      The only problem is that when I create a different Adobe ID, my borders.com library where I ordered the books (under the first e-mail address)  won't download my books to the new Adobe ID. Isn't it, in essence, digital editions limiting the use of my devices (owning 20 e-readers) rather than the use of the purchased books? My original intention was to distribute the purchased books over 20 readers, using no more than 5 downloads of any one book. At this point, the other 14 readers are useless for using in the classroom library.  Has anyone considered that the use of e-readers could be the future of reading in education? That's what I'm trying to research this school year, but I am frustrated by ADE not allowing the devices. It is very frustrating.

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                        Jim Lester Level 4

                        Purchasing from Borders is purchasing for personal use. The books will be licensed to the user that purchased them,  and as such will be limited the what the user can authorize - 6 computers and 6 devices.  Currently I know of no system that allows for puchasing of eBooks for instutional use, outside of what is currently done for Libraries ( see http://www.overdrive.com ), but this will most likely be overkill (and overpriced) for what you intend to do.

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                          igor verhoeven 2

                          Hi Jim

                          I'm having about the same problem. I'm testing hardware and probably on my two Adobe ID's I have exceeded the mximum number of  devices.

                          Is there a way to reset the number of devices linked to  my two accounts to zero and start over again ?


                          Other question : is deauthorizing ctrl-shift-D taking place in realtime r is there a delay ?


                          Igor Verhoeven (igor@pavlovbv.nl)

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                            This is the problem we are having.  We are a public library that is in a consortial purchase of ebooks from overdrive, as you mentioned in your response.  What are we supposed to do with that.  We need to be able to have our devices and computers all on the same ID - we download the books patrons check out onto the devices here.  They check the devices out, and the books are automatically deactivated when the lending period expires.  So we are not violating digital rights management, but we can't do what we need with Adobe Digital Editions.  Tech support is not helpful.  They have said that we just need to open a web case each time we need to use one and they will reset our activations.  This doesn't work, as they have up to 24 hours to respond.  My patron couldn't wait here overnight for tech support to reset our activations.  Apparently we will have to do this almost every time we want to check out a reader.  We are in our trial period, with only 10 readers, but want to get more.  There won't be any point if we aren't able to use them.  Can you help???

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                              Jim Lester Level 4



                              No, this lending of physical hardware from a library is not currently a supported workflow for Adobe DRM - nor is this planned to be anytime in the near future.  The closest you could come would be to have a single AdobeID per device, and to use that AdobeID to lend content from Overdrive.  To manage that on your side you would need an OS User account per AdobeID.

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                                igor verhoeven 2 Level 1

                                Dear jim,


                                I'm not a library 'm just a guy testing new hardware and I have 3 questions :


                                1. Is there a way to expand the number of authorized devices on 1 Adobe (Digital) ID. While testing I'm filling up fast the 6 allowed devices.
                                2. Is there a way to reset an account and deauthorize all device linked to the account, so the holder can start all over again with new devices while re-using the epub files he bought before withe the same account ?
                                3. Does deauthorizing with crtl-shift-d or ctrl-shift-e in ADE work properly, and does that mean the de-activated devices is really subtracted (from the registered to the Adobe ID) devices that were activated earlier ?
                                4. Does this deauthorizing happen realtime or with a delay?

                                pls inform.


                                Igor Verhoeven
                                Project Manager E-reading
                                selexyz bookstores - the Netherlands

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                                  Ok So in this high tech era- why is this happening to so many of us. i have used the same compu

                                  ter and the same (only 1) ereader for 11 months. Now- it would seem- they are useless.

                                  I  cannot purchase books or even borrow from my local library. What gives?

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                                    This a request for help from Jim Lester: I too have been getting messages on both my iPad and iPhone 4 saying that I have used too many authorisations. I have been the same trouble trying to get this sorted and have also raised, on several occasions, requests to have my authorisations re-set. See my latest at: 0181913579.

                                    I've been given various suggestions, which I have tried but so far no success. I see with this 're: error too many activations, that you were able to re-set the authorisations/activations to allow this forum user to resolve it, can you look into my problem and re-set mine too please.It's so that I can finally get my eBook to work on both my iPad & iPhone with either the Txtr and Copia apps. My Macbook Pro is fine as the book will open just fine...

                                    Regards, Jim

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                                      I am having the same problem and need Adbobe to deactivate devices I no longer own. How can I get them to do this? The web chat was ridiculous and not helpful at all. I don't mind reactivating on devices I currently own and am using, but why can't I see a list of devices that are activated and deauthorize myself? How do I get a ticket submitted without calling? I clicked on the link you provided here but the "Submit a web case" is not an option. Please help!

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                                        sjpt Level 4

                                        Unforutnately Adobe are unable to provide professional quality service on authorizations.


                                        Easiest way to get a reset is Adobe Live Chat: http://www.adobe.com/support/chat/ivrchat.html

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                                          I also have too many activations.  The chat site is useless!  I am told to come to this forum.  This is case #0215888854.

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                                            This is an old but interesting thread,  did any of the librarians (klynch30 - sctndirector) with 20 plus devices to loan to students ever get the problems resolved ?


                                            This is a wonderful way forward with students having the loan of a device with a book or two as opposed to having the loan of a book or two, both for a limited period of time.

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                                              I have had the same problem and never received a reply from adobe. I upgraded my iMac. 

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                                                I have the same error. "Too many activations". I will like to deactivate some of the devices, but I have lost track of them, and some of them are recycled. How can fix this issue now?

                                                  is there a way to see the list of devices activated on my account, and selectively drop some of the devices?




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                                                  I have this issue also and have chatted with two technical supports. They have not solve the issue after chatting with them for forty minutes. They passed the issue to their superior and will have to wait for 24-48 hours. This thing is very frustrating. It would be a lot easier if we have an access to reset this.


                                                  Since this is a free service it seems to not be a priority.

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                                                    Henrique Carmine

                                                    Hello, my id  is [email address removed by host] and I need reset my autorizations computers please.



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                                                      Hello, I have the same issue after resetting my tablet with a new operating system and then trying to use an e-reader. Error message is:




                                                      Please help and reset my authorisations!