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    flex pagination example help

    Cultivate Designs

      I've found a flex paging example I'd like to get working, but can't seem to get it running.


      The Example files can be found here: http://blogs.adobe.com/tlf/2008/12/actionscript-pagination-exampl.html


      I've downloaded and imported the project into flex. However I seem to  have an error that prevents the example from running. Here is the error  that appears


      unable to open '/Users/Adam/Documents/Flex Builder 3/libs'


      This is what displays if I try to run the project anyways:


      File not found: file:/Users/Adam/Documents/Flex%20Builder%203/Pagination/bin-debug/PaginationAS.swf


      Does anyone have any idea how I can go about getting this example up and running in flex?