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    Screen Recording Video - Which Preset do I use?


      Hi. I am using a free screen recording software...I've tried both CamStudio and Debut...and I was wondering which Preset I should use when I create a new project? I'm thinking Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorder but I don't know for sure...


      I am having trouble getting the video to export sharp and clear. The videos are good quality when I record but something seems to be happening to the files when I import them into Premiere and add my animations. When I export back out as .flv (to add to website) they are extremely low quality.


      I'm wondering if this has to do with the preset from the very beginning. I've worked on videos within Premiere before but they were using actual footage from the video camera...not using Screen Recording devices.


      I've tried exporting the files as .AVI, .MOV, .MPG, etc. and still get the same low-quality export.


      Thank you.