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    New user of PE9 TRIAL version: 2 issues

    Spinning Mess

      I used PE4 a few years ago with loads of problems with crashing.  Now got a new high spec PC and just loaded the trial version of PE9 to see if I want to buy it.  I really like the way it works normally and it is my preferred software, however I am having problems.


      Used it for 5 hours yesterday successfully apart from the video footage loading as one clip (despite having 'split scenes' enabled).  I managed to split it myself with the scissor tool so no real problem but a bit frustrating.  I added some music which also worked OK.


      Today I added a still photo of my own into the timeline.  I also added a title to it. However EVERY time I press play and the CTI passes over or just before the picture the system crashes (has now done it about 25 times). It says it has encountered a problem and Windows will look for a solution. I removed the photo and it worked OK.  Then I kept the photo in and took the title away and it worked, but not every single time.


      Has anyone got any advice/suggestions?