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    Crashing and slow performance in Elements 8.0

    Hydrilus Level 1

      Been using Adobe products for years and I feel lucky that everything up until this point has been relatively bug-free and flawless (for me anyway).  I feel like the main problem is in Windows Vista/7 because I never had issues in XP.  Regardless, here is my setup and predicament:


      Windows 7 Ultimate 64

      EVGA X58 Classified motherboard

      Intel i7 930 Quad core processor

      12 gigs of 1600mhz RAM

      Dual NVIDIA GTX 470s (1280mb GDDR5) in SLI

      and a couple terabytes of space on some Western Digital Black HDs


      Needless to say, this machine screams and should be able to launch a satellite into space without even a pico-second's-worth of a hiccup, yet simple functions in Adobe programs cause constant program AND full system crashes.  I've made sure all updates are applied and latest drivers are installed.  I actually rolled back the GTX 470 drivers because I was getting a driver error in Elements with the newest ones.  Since the roll-back, I haven't had that error anymore.


      I capture all footage through firewire from a Sony DSR-25 DV Deck, and the first problem occurs when simply bringing up the capture window (F5).  The first thing that happens EVERY time is that it is slow to load, loading sections of the window at a time (outer window frame first, then the preview screen, then individual sections around it), I'd say 3-4 seconds total wait time on that.  The other issue is that, the window comes up but doesn't load (just shows the capture window frame, filled with a blank white).  This is actually where the machine requires a full system restart.  It is totally locked up at this point.


      For comparison, in Premiere Pro CS5, I do not have this problem with the capture window (though it has its' own issues).  I hit F5 and the window immediatly pops up fully loaded.


      For another comparison, I have a Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop (5+ years old) running Windows XP Pro and Elements seems pretty flawless there, as well as Premiere Pro CS3.


      While individual drivers might be the issue, I really think the operating system itself is the bigger issue, though I haven't tested this.  Is Elements 8 optimized for 32 bit OS rather than Windows 7 64 I run now?  What about CS5?  Does anybody run CS5 on Windows XP 64?


      Thanks for any help with this!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you updated Premiere Elements to version 8.01? (Go to Help and select Check for Updates.)

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            Hydrilus Level 1

            Yes, all updates are applied.


            I'm actually having another issue now in my quest to resolve the other problems...  Disabled some features in the NVIDA Control Panel for Premiere Elements with the hope that maybe I'd have increased performance (though, honestly, with this hardware setup I should be able to run everything at max on full load and not stutter, maybe with the exception of HD editing), but now I can't load the program.


            Here is what happenes:


            Double click Elements shortcut on desktop, Welcome screen opens

            Open a recent project, it begins loading

            Premiere window maximizes and the little "Loading Project" window appears

            theeeennn it closes to the desktop and only the "Audio Meter" is visible


            I tried opening through the secondary shortcut (which bypasses the welcome screen) as well and same result.  Program window closes, returning me to desktop, and only the Audio Meter is there.


            Ugh!!    I did reactivate those features that I disabled in the NVIDIA Control Panel, restarted, even did a system restore and I'm still stuck with ONLY the Audio Meter on screen.

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              Hydrilus Level 1

              Tried the licensing fix there and no change as far as I can tell.  Went to open a project and still only have the Audio Meter visible ontop of my desktop.


              I would just go ahead and Uninstall and then re-install it but I have no way of "De-activating" since the program doesn't fully load.  I can't get to the Help menu to select "De-Activate."  I'm on my last use of the cd key so if I uninstall, I'd be stuck unable to reactivate again.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                It could be a Windows 7 64-bit issue. Version 8 has a number of problems with it.


                But, meantime, go to Windows Update manually and ensure you have even the non-critical updates. Go the nVidia site and ensure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card, then go to Apple.com and ensure you have the latest version of Quicktime.


                Then, as you launch the program, hold down the Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys on the left side of your keyboard to clear your preferences.


                If, after that, you still have problems, they may go too deep for us to cover on this forum.

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                  Hydrilus Level 1

                  Well I tried the Control Alt Shift deal and didn't see any change.


                  I decided to just uninstall the program and go back to Elements 7 if I wasn't able to reinstall 8 again.  Surprisingly, even without deactivating, I was able to reinstall 8 again.  It uninstalled everything, including the preferences, then reinstalled.  To my disapointment though, the problem is still there!  Even after reinstalling!  It's like something is hardcoded telling the program not to disaply the rest of the interface and ONLY to display the Audio Meter...  I'm totally confused here.

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    I'm sorry. This apparently is too deep an issue to troubleshoot on this forum.


                    I'd recommend you contact Adobe Tech Support and see what they recommend.

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                      Hydrilus Level 1

                      I appreciate the help Steve, thanks!

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                        What you are describing is pretty much what I was dealing with for some time while using PE 8 on my Win 7 x64 Ultimate machine (HP Pavilion Elite HPE 180t with Intel x58 chip set and Intel quad-core i7 930 running at 2.8 GHrz, single NVIDIA GeForce GTX260 graphics card with 1.8 GB memory, 12 GB RAM, two internal 1 TB WD 7200rpm Caviar Black HDDs, BD ROM and BD burner optical drives, and PSU upgraded to TX650W Corsair).  To resolve very slow rendering of HD video files with many hangups and crashes I first upgraded to latest NVIDIA graphics drivers and to the latest software update for my Apple QuickTime Pro; but even with the new higher-end PC above and the software updates noted, I still had to resort to things such as the following to be able to do HD rendering and burning without hangups and crashes: turning off 3-D capabilities in my NVIDIA GTX260 card, turning off GPU in PE, turning off AutoAnalysis in PE, disabling all the stuff in my Norton Internet Security software suite while using PE (I found today that a couple Norton services reload themselves if I stop them while running PE 8), disabling my screen saver, disconnecting the computer from my LAN, and disabling a number of Services and applications that loaded at startup and ran in the background.  I can now run PE 8 with significantly more speed and stability.  Because I was able to largely get PE 8 to run with pretty good stability on my system outlined above I doubt if the PE 8 and 9 issues reported in this forum have all that much to do with the Win 7 x64 OS.


                        And here is another issue I encountered with Win 7 x64 Ultimate while installing or running a few apps, but was able to find a fix for it ( http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7repair/thread/ab0126ac-7df0-4f6a-9653-7 5d6f2ddca93 ).  However, this issue usually pops up a a very specific error message as noted in the thread above so I really do not know if that is applicable to the PE 8 issues (but then it would probably not be a bad idea to look into this and maybe apply the fix noted in the thread since it clearly benefits other apps and could potentially help PE 8).  On my computer I found that PE 8 appeared to be sensitive to some other apps and Services running in the background, and especially Norton Internet Security stuff which can be a real problem to temporarily turn off completely to avoid conflicts.  At any rate, because I made all the changes above in one long fit of PE frustration last week, I do not actually know which of the changes are really the important ones in terms of speed and stability in PE 8 (it's certainly possible most or all contributed incrementally to resolving my PE 8 challenges), but the cumulative effect of the changes is that PE 8 on my Win 7 x64 Ultimate OS managed computer is now a fully functional software app.  And since I purchased the PE 9 upgrade from Adobe today, I am hoping these changes will also apply to PE 9 and that new version will be even more stable on my computer -- I shall see about that over the next week as I get into editing, rendering, and burning a number of 3- 5 GB full-HD video files from this past weekend using my new PE 9.

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                          Hydrilus Level 1



                          Wow, we seem to have a pretty similar setup, with the exception of GPUs and probably memory, though I can't say I'm an HP fan.  Haven't had the best experience with their computers in the past hehe.  Either way, thank you for your response.


                          My experience with PE8 has actually been very good when it comes to rendering and ripping DVDs.  It's not slow at all unless spitting out a finished 1-hour project on DVD in just under 18 minutes is slow...  My last supercomputer (for the time, some years ago) took at least 1.5x the project length to be done rendering and burning a dvd, oi...so this is quite an improvement indeed...  Anyway, it wasn't rendering that was slow, it was simple things like loading the interface - for example, in my original post, one of my main complaints was with how slow the capture window is at loading (which would sometimes crash the program and require a full computer restart).  It would load small sections of the winow at a time (starting out with white blocks, then finally loading the standard grey theme) over the course of 3-4 seconds or so.  Thinking about it now...perhaps this is an onboard Firewire issue?  Hmm...might have to try installing a standalone Firewire card in an open pci slot.


                          Of course now, I can't even get PE8 to load entirely.  Spent hours searching around for others that may have had this issue and can't find a single one that talks about my specific issue with ONLY the Audio Meter being loaded.  As I explained above, I tried uninstalling, then reinstalling and it STILL only loaded the Audio Meter, so this is something hardcoded into the system, like a bad registry entry or something.  Oi...


                          Next you mentioned Norton, which I don't have on this computer.  One of my networking buddies installed Microsoft Security Essentials on this computer.  Never used it before but it seems to work well enough.  In fact, I don't use any virus software at all on my home computers and never had an issue, but he insisted for this one.  I assume it's entirely possible for any virus protection software to interfere with PE8 so I will experiement with this, as well as the solution posted in the topic you linked and report back here with my findings!



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                            I'm putting my money on an issue with Windows 7x64.  I had the same problem with my setup which was built specifically for video and photo editing in the adobe CS5 and PRE8 environments.


                            With windows 7, I couldn't get PE8 to load at all. It would start loading a new project and crash.  So, back to Windows XPx64.(Which, in case anyone is wondering, Office2010 is not compatible with.)


                            Unfortunately, there's no easy solution other than plopping in another harddrive with an XP installation on it.


                            My System is an Asus M70series Mobo, Athlon X4, 12G Ram, 2xGTS250 video cards, Blu ray combo burner, SSD main drive and 2x1.5 TB Sata HD's. So it wasn't exactly hardware related for me either.

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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              For what it's worth, version 9 of the program is much  more stable and efficient than version 8, and even runs much more reliable on Windows 7 64.

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                                RaceGuy Level 1

                                That's good news about PE 9 and Win 7 x64, Steve -- my PE 9 is in the mail as I write this and I am anxious to load and use it.  Now all I have to do is find and buy the PE 9 revision for your excellent book on PE 8.

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                                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                  You're a very wise man, rd!