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    how can i access a component in item renderer from actionscript

      i have a checkbox in a datagrid that i am using to give the user the option to check tems in the grid which are then automatically added to a shopping basket.

      so when the check box is selected a function is called that stores the selected item of the datagrid

      this currently works however i noticed that if i refresh the datagrid i.e by loading new items in the datagrid the checkbox component. the check box is still selected.

      because the component is in an itemrenderer how can i access its properties so that i can change the selection to false?

      here is the mxml code

      <mx:DataGrid x="0" y="204" width="530" dataProvider="{scheduleList}" id="sl" dragEnabled="true" height="186">
      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Course" dataField="CourseName" width="280"/>
      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Days" dataField="duration" width="40"/>
      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Fee" dataField="fee" width="40"/>
      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Start date" dataField="start_date"/>
      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Book" width="50">


      <mx:CheckBox right="2" id="chkBook" textAlign="center" click="outerDocument.showSelection(parentDocument.sl.selectedIndex,chkBook.selected )"/>


      so how can i access the id of that combobox or more importantly how can i reset the checked status of the combobox?

      thank you