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    What is a good substitute plugin for Digieeffects Camera Mapper

    rowby Level 1

      Running AE CS5. Windows 7 64 bit


      I wanted to use and try Digieeffects Camera Mapper, and downloaded the trial from their website.


      It kept crashing my installation of After Effects. Digieffects Support has been helpful,  trying to isolate the problem, even sending me a substitute plugin but it keeps crashing my copy of AE, which is the current updated verison.


      In the meantime I am up against a deadline and am wondering if there is a similar plugin to Camer Mapper.  I need to manipulate layers of a mixture of videos and still photos, creating a flat 3D effect, similar to what Digieffects does so nicely in its product demos.


      Basically I am looking for a multicam effect, similar to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHoiVjAgW3Q


      Any other plugins that I should look into?


      I realize I can do it all in AE without a plugin -- but a cool plugin  that could assist and speed up the process would be nice!