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    High Defin. in Premiere 9

    twtybrd678 Level 1

      How do I create High Defin. video to play  on a high Defin. TV in Premire 9?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Step 1 - record HD with your camcorder


          Step 2 - get files from camcorder to computer


          Step 3 - import files to the correct type of HD project


          Step 4 - edit and author


          Step 5 - burn to your BluRay burner


          P-Elements 9 User Guide http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/index.html

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            I have gone through a number of PE upgrades over the years, and all new versions have had their own set of bugs and quirks -- but for me, dealing with HD video in PE 8 was the most challenging.  Upgrading to a much newer and far faster PC with a quad-core CPU, a lot of RAM, multiple fairly fast HDDs, and a good and fast graphics card helped work out some of my issues which I now know were related to the sub-par hardware I was using, but even with the new higher-end PC, I still had to resort to things such as the following to be able to do HD rendering and burning without hangups and crashes: turning off 3-D capabilities in my NVIDIA GTX260 card, turning off GPU in PE, turning off AutoAnalysis in PE, disabling all the stuff in my Norton Internet Security software suite while using PE, disabling my screen saver, disconnecting the computer from my LAN, and disabling a number of Services and applications that loaded at startup and ran in the background.  I suspect this sort of thing will be somewhat specific to one's own hardware and software environment, but by trial and error I did find a setup that worked for me, although I do not know exactly why and which of the above considerations are mainly responsible for achieving my current decent PE 8 stability.  I just this morning ordered my PE 9 upgrade so I am obviously either a glutton for punishment or a fairly satisfied PE user, but I have to say it is my experience over a number of years that the PE software takes quite a bit more fussing with to achieve stable use than is true for the vast majority of consumer software applications I have dealt with over my 30 or so years of PC use, and I would not put up with that if I did not believe PE is currently the best consumer level video editing and processing software for my use at this time (I know many of you out there in video editing land have your own favorite video editing software, but please hold off on flamming me for my opinion above).

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You're welcome to your opinion, rd, but I wish you'd do it in your own thread. We're trying to help this person out, and ragging on the software isn't doing much to help him.


              Thanks. But DO keep posting! We value your input -- in its proper place.