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    Typed objects p2p through netstream.send()

    Sean S Murphy

      Can type information be preserved when sending objects using the netstream .send method? I notice when debuggin on the other side that all the objects come through as just that, instances of the object class.


      Could you have a custom object instance, say Person, and send that via rtmfp to the other side and preserve the fact that it is a Person?



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          Marvin Blase

          As far as I know not. But to be honest your intention is not really clear to me - what's the point in passing a "custom" object?

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            Hello. Yes you can preserve the type of the objects when they are sent with NetStream.send(). Just add [RemoteClass] metadata to the class which type you want to preserve.


                public class NetStreamMessage

                      public var id:Number;

                      public var data:Object;


                      public function NetStreamMessage(data:Object)


                           this.data = data;



                var message:NetStreamMessage = new NetStreamMessage("some message");