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    Offline AIR seamless installation

    smon_ed Level 1

      I see that the badge requires the user to be online and have flash installed for their browser but is there a method by which I can:


      Distribute the AIR runtime on a DVD along with my AIR application.

      Ask the user to run an installer which checks for an existing AIR runtime installation

      Installs the AIR runtime if it is required.

      Installs my application.

      Do all of this without requiring the user to be online.

      Do all of this directly from a DVD.


      I did a search here and found a post from 2008.  This says that applying for a Distribution License will provide me with the tools I need to achieve what I want.  Is this still the case?  It seems odd that a platform which is very much geared towards offline desktop useage doesn't seem to have anything clear about this.  But I am aware that being a new AIR developer, I could be missing something REALLY obvious!!!!!  So be gentle


      Any support would be very useful!  Many thanks.