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    Reviewing quiz shows the "submit" button at answer review

    RAMI7250 Level 1

      hay friends,

      my name is rami and in adobe presenter 7 i have notice that there is a bug aftwer the score page is display and you pressing on the Review Quiz button.

      you click on the "Review Quiz" button and you got the "correct answer" message- that i want (with blur -dont know why), and the "submit" button- that i dont want next to him.


      here is a normal quistion from my quiz:



      for larger image click here: http://i55.tinypic.com/24do3gh.jpg



      and here is the result and the review of my question that i get  after i was clickin on "Review Quiz" in score page:

      (marked with the red arrow is the submit button that i dont want him to be shown in the Review Quiz page)


      for larger image click here: http://i56.tinypic.com/29yl28p.jpg


      now my question is: how do i get rid of the "submit" button in the Reviewing Quiz page?

      i dont wont him do be display. altho there is no need for this button to be shown at the Reviewing Quiz.