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    DNG Converter 6.2

      XP Home SP3 1GB RAM

      "Adobe® Digital Negative Converter 6.2 Read Me

      How to Use the Adobe DNG Converter

      1. Exit the DNG Converter."

      Excuse me?  I just downloaded it for the first ever time
      to install it for the first ever time.  So just how do I
      exit it yet?  Has Adobe's arrogance finally overleapt
      itself into delusions of omnipresence?

      "2. Open the download file and double-click Adobe DNG
      Converter and follow the on-screen instructions.
      3. The DNG Converter is now available in your Programs(Windows)
      or Applications(Mac) directory."

      So this DNGConverter_6_2.exe file is an installer ????

      And no. The DNG Converter is now informing me that it doesn't
      have enough memory to run (which presumably means "to install" ????).

      Just how much memory does this program (or installer) think it needs?

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          JimHess-DIrcbP Level 3

          1.  Okay, so you are a first-time user.  Many people have been using the DNG converter for several versions.  Just a precaution to make sure the DNG converter is not open somewhere on the computer.



          The file that you download is an installation executable.  It is not just the program.  It does have to be installed.  As far as memory is concerned, I have run both Lightroom and the DNG converter on 2 GB RAM with reasonable performance.  I think it is unrealistic to try to do anything with 1 GB.  But you can try.