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    Rendering slowing down exponentially!

    Gilby Francz

      Hello everyone,


      hopefully someone can help me! I searched the web for 5 days and still haven't found a clue what is going on.

      We bought Adobe Production Premium CS5, especially for Adobe Premiere and After Effects. As Hardware we decided to use an ASUS ENGTX 460 TOP. Proc. is a core2Duo 3GHz, 8GB RAM. Windows 7 64bit uptodate. NVIDIA drivers 260 !!! Absolutely newest.


      Now my problem is the following:

      A project with 2500 frames is starting rendering fast like 50 frames per minute. Est Remain 1h which is long anyway compared to CS4 on a different weaker machine...

      Now after 20-50 frames the rendering slows down dramatically! After 1000 frames it took already 3 hours to render them and it says 6 h est remain!!!

      after 2000 frames it took fully 24 hours and it says it still needs 12 hours to finish!!!!

      By the way the project is still going on while I write this post...


      Like this I a faster painting the frames by HAND!


      I had some more problems. The OPENGL feature of the graphics card was first not seen by After Effects, thats why I installed the newest drivers from NVIDIA.


      I have found many posts about this behaviour on MAC computers but none for PCs. Anyone else having the same problems?