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    Application not supported on this architecture

    Nick Gammon



      I installed cs4 design premium last year after purchasing it as a download......... I rarely use Flash but I needed it today, and when I tried to run the program I got this message - application not supported on this architecture -. I'm running Mac OS 10.5.8 on a MacBook Pro 2,2, Intel Core 2 Duo. The rest of the programs are running fine in the suite. Unlike the other programs the icon for Flash is generic, (not the red Fl icon) , and the file size is only 248 mb. Obviously most of the program is not there. In Adobe Setup, Flash appears as a program available for me to install, whereas the other programs are available for re-installation. Attempting to download the program via Setup simply results in the same components I can't run being installed. I notice a number of posts relating to this error message, mostly from people trying to install their software from a disc. I think my problem involves Adobe Setup and  I'd be grateful for any advice.