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    What software is best to use to create an interactive CD?




      I'm creating an interactive cd rom. I have made several interactive CDs already using a really basic bit of software called Autoplay Menu Builder (made by a company called Linasoft) but it has several limitations.


      Basically it needs to be an easy to navigate menu with thumbnails of images that users can click on to open and print however many images they like (one at a time). The images will be pdfs as I will distribute a copy of Adobe Reader on the CD (yes I do have a license to do so!)


      The main problem I am having with my current software is that each menu program I create can only handle opening 10 or so pdfs and so I need to have lots of menus linking to one another in order to be able to open all of the pdf files on the cd (usually several hundred files). Each menu program is an .exe file with autorun feature. Each .exe file is named 'autorun.exe' by default and I cant change the name without encountering problems. Therefore the CD ends up containing 100s of .exe files with exactly the same name and users are having problems with their virus checker software thinking that the CD contains a trojan virus.


      So I need to come up with a new way of making these CDs.

      Things I need my interactive CD project to do...

      * Autorun from disc without prompt from the user

      * Run from disc only - I don't want the user to have to install anything or need an Internet connection to use the CD

      * Not to have issues with the most commonly used anti virus software (I know this might be an impossible task)

      * Have a customisable interface and buttons etc.

      * Enable the user to quickly and easily open and print 100s of pdfs one at a time

      * It needs to work on older home computers - and if possible to work on both mac and pc platforms


      I would rather not have it open in an Internet browser window - but would go for this option if I could remove/disable the navigation bar and give it some kind of skin (so that users don't think that they have to be online to use the CD - I know that sounds daft but it's quite important to the project I am trying to create).


      After reading around the forums I think that Director seems the logical way to go but thought it was worth asking for any advice on the matter before diving in at the deep end - I'm not familiar with Director or Flash... but always willing to learn something new!


      Any advice or comments very much appreciated!

      Thanks, Emma.

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          multiduck Level 1

          Director will definitely do what you want, but,  you will have to program the functions you need yourself.  If you have programming experience from another programming language other than lingo (directors programming language) it's relatively easy to get the hang of lingo, most later director versions also supports java script. In addition you're going to need a few plugins (called xtras in director) to get all the functionality you need, specifically BuddyAPI to be able to load or open the pdf's and get a list of the files on the cd, and if you don't want to use the adobe reader you will need Impressario to view and print the pdfs.


          Also, there are probably quite a few director users that have done something similar already so if you need help you can go to www.director-online.com or http://www.directorforum.com/ and search the forums (or ask for help).