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    IK messing up/crashing Flash

    Johnnsen Level 1

      I don't know what to do anymore. Its killing me, please can someone help me?


      What I did:

      I made an animation with Inverse Kinematics. I was working on it over several days, saving it and loading it worked fine. Yesterday I saved it on my Mac, today I opened it and when I tried to move the arm with the arrow tool to change the position, it didn't move. The bone didn't move either, and the bone appeared above the arm, not in place. It then proceeded to simply crash. Restarting flash did nothing. Also the lower arm sometimes vanished right after clicking, trying to undo it caused quirky behavior, restoring the bones into wrong places and the lower arm did not turn visible again either. Usually after that it also crashes.


      The problem:

      I can't move the arm anymore! It bugs out completely, even though it worked fine before. I opened a different project where I pasted this animation earlier, to see if it works there. It doesn't, it has the exact same thing. You can't move it, then it crashes and the bone is not in the right place after you click it, even though the animation works before you click it.

      Both .fla's worked perfectly yesterday. I even restored a way older version via timemachine, it has the same problem all of a sudden.


      What I tried to fix it:

      "Ok my install is messed up" I thought. So I removed the program completely, and reinstalled it. I also opened a different copy of the file, so it was not the exact same copy I opened before. Still the same.

      Then I went to my Windows PC and installed a trial of Flash for Windows to see if that changes anything. I opened it, and it has the SAME THING. I then deleted the Inverse Kinematics layer and made the whole thing again. Everything worked fine, moving it and all worked beautifully as it should. I thought "Phew". But NO! 15 minutes later or so I thought I better check it again. So I loaded it up in the Flash trial I created it in again, and IT HAS THE EXACT SAME ***** AGAIN. Its a different computer, its a different Flash install, its a different operating system. I even recreated the animation.


      What the hell is going on? I did not have this before, suddenly it seems to mess up everywhere even across computers and files.


      The file in question (maybe someone can check it out):

      Direct Download Link (Dropbox): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6414392/IK%20example.fla


      My specs:

      fully updated OSX

      fully updated Windows 7 64 bit

      Flash CS5 updated


      Please, I'm begging you, I need to finish this and I don't know what to do anymore, I feel like smashing my head against the wall.