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    audio issues


      I've made a video and when I export it as a mpg file, it has no audio.  I picked the mpg widescreen option, but it is coming out as a m2v file.


      I then tried to export it to avi, and the audio is out of sync.  I went back to the time line and the audio is in perfect time there.


      Any help would be great

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, what is the source material, and next what is the Project Preset?


          The m2v is just the Video stream, and is not a muxed (Multiplexed) file with both a Video and an Audio stream in one file. This is likely due to a setting in the Share/Export panel. There are several tabs (in most formats), and in General, you want both Export Audio and Export Video checked. Then in the Multiplexer tab, you want the setting other than "None," which is usually "DVD."


          When you did the Export/Share to AVI, which settings were used?


          Good luck,