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    Workspace login issue with Firefox


      Hi all,


      I have run across an issue where the cursor for logging into Workspace does not appear in Firefox when coming from a redirection link in a Task email.


      The scenario is as follows: We have a long-lived process that emails a user when a task is assigned to them to log into Workspace. The email contains a link for the user to click on which will open up a browser window to the Workspace login screen. If the user's browser default is Firefox, the browser window will open but the cursor for entering User ID and Password is not immediately available. You can click on the User ID box and it gets highlighted, but there is no cursor available. I can get the cursor to appear if I take the focus away from the login boxes. For example, I click into the address bar, then click back into the User ID box or if I minimize the browser window then restore the browser and click into the User ID box. This would be counter-intuitive to the user who is expecting the cursor to be available when the browser opens up for them.


      Has anyone else run into this issue? Is this a known Firefox or Adobe issue that has a fix? I've update to the latest Firefox version and Flash, but still have this issue. There are no problems with IE opening up from the link in the email and the cursor is always available. I don't want to have to force users to use IE as their default browser because of this issue with Firefox. Any help would be appreciated.