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    Components not working together

      The scenario is this:

      Two separate movieclips. Movie1 has the combobox component, Movie2 has the numericstepper component.

      Two buttons on the stage.
      button1.onRelease attaches Movie1.
      button2.onRelease attaches Movie2.
      If I push button1 the combobox is shown correctly. But if I push button2 after I pushed button1, the value of the numericstepper in Movie2 is not visible. The numericstepper is simply blank. Worth mentioning is the fact the the numericstepper still works, as in it still changes the value as it should.
      However, if I push button2 the first time, the numericstepper is displayed correctly. But if I push button1 and then button2 again, the value of the numericstepper disappears.
      If I remove the combobox from movie2, the issue disappears and the numericstepper behaves as it should.

      This issue is beyond me so I'd really appreciate some help on this.