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    CS5 issues

    Seth McGraw Level 1

      We have a few javascripts that worked just fine in CS4, but no longer work in CS5. They are using event listeners and a couple are in the startup scripts folder. Are there some wholesale changes in CS5 for startup scripts or event listeners that may take a simple adjustment in syntax, or do I need to go into more detail or post the problem scripts?




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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Do the scripts come back to life if you move them into a folder named "Version 6.0 Scripts" into your Scripts folder, and run from there?


          That trick works with older scripts for CS4 (which is 'version 6'), with folders named "Version 5.0 Scripts" (CS3) and even "Version 4.0 Scripts" (CS2). The same scripts do not work when run from 'the regular place', which tells me this trick does something

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            Seth McGraw Level 1



            We used to use this technique in previous versions, but then we versioned all of the scripts to the app. We did try it though as you suggested to no avail.


            I think we may try the scripts with the event listener commented out. This may help us determine if the syntax for the body of the script has changed, or if the syntax of the event listener is the issue.




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              Harbs. Level 6

              It makes sense that placing scripts in a versioning folder does not help for scripts running in an event handler.


              You can put the versioning into the script code itself, and that should work.


              Or you can just convert the script to be CS5 compatible. What does your script do?