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    PP CS5 Effects

    Geoff Vane Level 1

      Some effects seem to be gone in CS5, like radial blur.


      Where can I see a comparison of all old and new effects?

      Are there any new effects for Premiere CS5?


      I am very underwhelmed by CS5 and the whole 64 bit Mercury revolution.

      Seems high performance is guaranteed by removing plugins that require machine power.


      Matrox dropped all of it's great effects, so I now have to create them with Adobe plugins; think shine and glow.


      But it seems even Adobe scrapped many plugins.

      No wonder realtime speed can be guaranteed.


      Is there a way to get an offline help file without the off-topic online contamination?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Is there a way to get an offline help file without the off-topic online contamination?


          Amen, brother.  (In case anyone is thinking of pointing to a downloadable PDF, the request here is to access a local help file FROM WITHIN PREMIERE BY PRESSING F1.)

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Go to the Help (F1) and download the pdf for CS4 and CS5.

            Top right corner.

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              FelixUnderwood Level 2


                 Yours is a common complaint, especially among us Matrox users. What I've done is to get Boris Continuum Complete AE, which provides similar plug ins for AE AND Premiere Pro. You can run a fully functional trial for 14 days. Just drop the effect onto the clip and either use many presets that Boris provides with each effect, or custom tweak it and save it with a new name. The Matrox shine effect can be recreated with what Boris Continuum Complete AE calls Light Zoom and they're also some great character gleams as well. Yes, After Effects is my guess as to why Adobe hasn't added any transition effects in generations to Premiere Pro. AE is great, but there's nothing like dropping an effect or transition on the Time Line and then moving forward!

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                adobe-admin Adobe Employee
                > Amen, brother.  (In case anyone is thinking of pointing to a downloadable PDF, the request here is to access a local help file FROM WITHIN PREMIERE BY PRESSING F1.)


                Conversations about the Help functionality/software/strategy (not the Help content) should happen here:


                That's where the people who make these decisions are paying attention.


                Conversations about the content/information can happen here on the Premiere Pro forum, since the writers pay attention here.


                BTW, it's easy to just search within the Premiere Pro CS5 Help document and not get the community (external) content. You can also choose to just search Adobe material (Help plus other stuff like technical support and blogs) and exclude community content. This is all explained here:


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                  Geoff Vane Level 1

                  Thanks for the answers.


                  I somewhat start to like Premiere CS5; it has rendering quircks but I can work around them with consistent results.


                  Took me a while to avoid low quality render results, but I found a solution; turn on Maximum Render Quality in the Sequence menu. Leave Optimize Rendering For Performance on in the Preferences until you get memory problems; just switch to Memory then. Drastic improvement of quality. Also make sure Premiere uses Matrox uncompressed rendering in stead of the usual i-MPEG crap; Matrox uses the Premiere Preview rendering architecture to render it's master results.


                  Ten layers with a most evil mix of effects, keep on playing realtime without one crash. You just need to do a "render all" to get 100% quality, especially for field blending in slomos and 3D DVE edges; they will improve greatly. The yellow line will become green. Playback should be perfect then, but I always get one dropped frame hickup when playing the first time. Second time it's OK.


                  Only quirck was a title on slomo video; it rammed things down by two pixels. later on this error could not be reproduced. But beware.

                  Oh yeah, field reversing and so on, cancels slomos; they go back to 100%.


                  Matrox effects may need to be stacked higher or lower in the effects hierachy when render errors and/or artifacts occur. They do disappear then.


                  Stand alone slomo videos must be covered by a transparent video layer, to force rendering by "render work area" which greatly enhances field blending.

                  Just hitting return does not force-render everything anymore.


                  Renders are re-used in nested timelines; saves time.


                  Photoshop layer modes in Premiere prevent the need for After Effects 1/3 of the time.


                  Since I can't find a shine or even the good old radial blur anymore, I ordered BCC to compensate for the lost effects.


                  Heavy CS4 Premiere or CS4 After Effects projects should be considered lost. Even though downwards compatibilty is claimed, it is not working with somewhat complex productions. The CS5 apps just don't digest them.


                  Matrox and CS4 was luxury with a slow engine; Matrox and CS5 is spartan setup with a fast engine.

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                    shooternz Level 6
                    Matrox and CS5 is spartan setup with a fast engine.



                    I dont know about the Matrox component of your statement but I would say that CS5 is actually a "fully loaded setup" with a fast engine.


                    CS5 PPRO dynamically linked to CS5 AEFX is unbelievably full functioned and FX endowed and the 2 Adobe apps should be seen as a Combination Suite for Edit and FX / Compositing. 


                    CS5 has dramatically improved the DL function within the 64 bit Win7 environment combined with enlarged RAM capabilty.


                    ...but...who knows...maybe a few of peoples favourite FX maybe returned to later versions once they get re written to 64 bit

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                      Geoff Vane Level 1

                      I haven't tried DL since I had some really bad loss of work in the earlier versions.

                      I'll give it a try now in CS5. If you can tell me the most usefull examples of DL then I will see if it works.


                      I have tried running PP and AE at the same time as seperate executed apps, but they never let go of their memory and processor claim, not even when window focus changes. That's why I'll go from 16 to 48 G RAM and 6 to 12 core to minimize such irritations. No matter how fast things go, it's never fast enough for me; I'll admit that. But the fact that it does not crash and always gives some stutter-free realtime playback, also greatly improves project speed.