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    Zend AMF Slow Response


      I am getting slow response times when using Zend AMF in Flash Builder 4.  It is taking between 1.5s to 2s to return the results, which is much slower than when I am returning XML.  However its about the same no matter if no records are returned or if 1000 records are returned. It seems like it is taking a while to make the connection to the gateway.php file. Anyone else noticing issues like this?  All the examples I have seen online use Apache instead of IIS, could that be part of my problem?





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          Daniel Pride Level 1

          I experienced the same with Zend and switched to coldfuion as a result. Its better matched

          to Flex, and you can go as far as Life Cycle Data services with it if you want. It is also a superior

          design to php but works pretty much the same way.


          The communications with Flashbuilder have several gotchas which are not explained but are covered here now.


          The old php 4 AmfPhp was really impressive performer on speed. But it just took a dive when it went

          to zend and 5.


          Dan Pride

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            jgreco79 Level 1

            So this is a known issue with Zend?  I don't really want to pay Adobe more money for Cold Fusion for something that can be done using open source.  I may just have to stick to PHP and XML.

            Thanks for the info,



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              Daniel Pride Level 1

              Not sure but I think so, I left Zend in Feb and have not looked back.

              At Hostek you get a great hosting package with ColdFusion 9 (the one you want) for $5.00 a Month if you can do shared hosting.


              If not, ? i would say take a careful look at coldfusion, watch a video or two on it,... its way ahead of Php generally,

              and light years ahead for using as a back end for Flashbuilder.