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    Looking for a video player


      I found one a year or two ago on the internet - it was a Flex video player. Along the progress bar at the bottom, there were little flags, and when the video got to the flagged points, certain things woud happen - text would pop up with additional information and such.  I ~think~ you could also insert your own flagged points as your were watching the video (as in inserting questions at certain points, as we work at a University), but that could be more of something we'd like it to do, rather than what it really did.  I remember the background of the video player was red, but can't recall much more than that.


      I am trying to find this player, or something like it.  We would like something like this - we could start from scratch and do our own, but since we all remember seeing this (it would have been in the last two years), we would rather find who did it and see if we can use it than start over.  I've tried searchnig for it, but just can't seem to find the right terms to use in google to produce what we want.


      If you wrote this, or know the link (stupid us for not book marking it), please respond!!