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    How can I remove a help file frameset that I mistakenly attached to a specific topic?


      I'm using RH7 HTML to update a client's help file that was developed in RH5. The help file opens with an initial topic (Welcome to...) using the frameset that was built for the help file. 


      In adding a new section to this help file, I somehow linked the help file frameset to one of the new topics. In this new topic's properties, the topic title now shows as the frameset name, but the file name is still the name of the original topic.


      I've recreated the new topic and the frameset attaches to it as well. 


      1.  How can I disconnect the frameset from the topic without affecting the entire help file? If so, how?


      2.  If this isn't possible, is there any other way I can correct this problem?