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    upgarde to release 9 discount?


      Does anyone know if its true Adobe is not offering a discounted price to upgrade from an earlier reslease, to release 9?  That really suprised me mainly because I thought it was common practice for Adobe to discount upgrades from earlier releases, for a month or so.  That and considering how bug riddled release 8 was and continues to be (for many), I think its pretty poor customer service not to offer a disount...

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There is not at this time. However, it doesn't hurt to ask the Customer Service rep.


          In fact, ask for their manager and ask him or her too.


          They may not -- yet. But if enough people bug them, the sometimes do create an "upgrade" price (even though it's technically not an upgrade, since you do get an entirely new program).

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            I upgraded to the PrE 9 and PhS 9 combo this morning via a call to Adobe Customer Service -- and can confirm that even though my version 8 PrE and PhS were purchased only about four months ago, Adobe is not providing any upgrade discount other than their current generally available $20 mail-in rebate coupon.  While that is a bit disconcerning to a long-time loyal customer who has gone through a number of "not so smooth" PrE upgrades, it is more or less consistent with their position on upgrade discounts in the past.  I keep coming back despite this, and putting up with the buggy new versions, because PrE is basically pretty good video editing software compared to most everything else out there -- however, the apparent low regard with which Adobe treats their long-time PrE customers will in turn not create tremendous brand loyalty from me toward their products should another company release even a moderately superior product for consumer video editing.  Shame on you Adobe for not treating your very long-term customers (i.e., beta testers) better by offering a reasonable upgrade discount to them.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Again, you're wasting your shames here. All you're doing is shaming us non-Adobe people who are trying to help you out.


              To shame Adobe, please contact them by clicking on the Contact button at the top of this web page.

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                cdroessler Level 1

                Just thought I'd provide an update.  After 3 weeks of trying, the best I was able to do was get a 20 percent discount.  What I really want to say though, is I've been using  trial version 9 and it has been working great!!!  I've purchased it also, and is on its way.


                In all honesty I've learned more about PRE in the 3 hrs since I upgraded to 9, than I have in almost a YEAR of struggling with PRE 8.  I can't say I'm real happy with customer support, but in my case the money to upgrade is soo worth it.  I'm not a power user, just have an older dell xps 400, with some mem and disks upgrades.  More than enough for what I need to do.


                If you've been struggling to do much of anything in ver 8, do try trial ver 9.  You have nothing to loose, and oh sooo much to gain.  Even if you have to pay for it, the 50 bucks or so was worth it for me.  For the first time, I actually enjoy doing these projects for my childrens sports and schools.