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    Slicing for template

    Budo Cat

      I want to slice up my background graphic and export it to Dreamweaver, where I will use it to build a template. But I'm wondering if I can combine adjoining slices as one large editable region in the Dreamweaver template, so that I can run content from one slice/editable region to another?


      My graphic measures 800 x 1250. I have a header and navBar at the top, The remaining 1050 px is for the main content, and will display type and graphics. Should I slice this main content section into two pieces, and reassemble in Dreamweaver as one editable region? Or do I have to export it as one large image?


      As one large image, it seems it would take forever to download. But I've been reading arguments against slicing anything with the hope of speeding up download time, so maybe it doesn't matter too much?.


      Thanks for your help.