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    Problem with LR_tokens in LrExportSession in 2.7




      I'm having trouble getting the rename-on-export feature working on LR2.7, Windows x64 . Not tried on any other configurations except LR3.2, where it works fine.


      I'm manually creating an LrExportSession from a menu, and passing the following items in as exportSettings (among others):


      LR_exportServiceProvider = "com.adobe.ag.export.file",

      LR_format = "JPEG",

      LR_renamingTokensOn = true,

      LR_tokens = "my_file_name",

      I'd expect this to create a file called "my_file_name.jpg", and in LR3.2 it does. On LR2.7 it doesn't, it exports as "original_filename.jpg". I've also tried this:

      LR_renamingTokensOn = true,

      LR_tokens = "my_file_name",

      LR_tokenCustomString = "{{custom_token}}",


      ... and I get "original_filename.jpg" in LR2.7 and "untitled.jpg" in LR3.2 .


      Any ideas?