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    Conversion from RH7 to RH8 hangs on 1 of 5 projects - no err msg


      I have successfully converted 4 of 5 RH7 projects. The one project that won't convert doesn't have anything special or different about it. It is not my most complex project nor my simplest.

      Once the conversion starts the meter bar goes about 1/3 of the distance then RH8 locks up (stops responding). No error message is presented.


      Pre conversion I removed the projects from RSC, removed read only attribute, and deleted .cpd.


      I have tried the solution from this thread http://forums.adobe.com/message/2312324  (open the .hhp, selecting Noto the xpj prompt.) with no change in the result.


      Obviously the problem is with the project, but I don't know what else to try. Is there a conversion log or some way to know what file is being converted when it locks up?



      OS = XP with all patches

      RH =

      Project location = C:\TW_Local\RoboHelpProjects  (not a networked folder )

      Project history =Originally an MS Word file, converted to RH6, converted to RH7

      Project zip size = 28MB


      Thanks for any help or ideas.