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    Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Matrix3D.

    ShankarFlex3 Level 2

      Hi All,


      I am getting this following error when compiling a Flex/Java project. I know this error comes when there is a mismatch between Flex and Flash player version.


      I am using Flex 3.2 version and my browser flash version is 10.1.


      I have a project which compiles and runs fine with the above Flex/Flash Versions, then I decided to create a copy of it in a new project. Now when compiling this new project I get the following error (Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Matrix3D)



      When I change my Require flash version to 10.1, it compiles fine but throws (TypeError: Error #1007: Instantiation attempted on a non-constructor.) when I try to run.


      The strange thing is that my old project works fine with the Flex and Flash player mismatch.


      Its been 3 days now I have been trying to solve this issue, could anyone please help.