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    PDF documents do not open


      On all three Windows 7 Pro machines in a business, in Internet Explorer, links on web pages to Acrobat PDF documents do not open when clicked. It appears that absolutely nothing happens following the click. The documents the links point to can be saved to any hard drive location using the right click context menu, and open successfully from there. After they have been saved, and deleted, they appear in the IE history and successfully open in IE when clicked in the history.


      I have run Acrobat Reader repair from Add/Remove Programs, but this changes nothing.


      Adobe PDF Reader is not listed in IE add-ons, only Adobe PDF Link Helper, but this is true on a Vista Business machine in the same location as well as on my own XP Pro machine. Links to PDF documents work as expected on both of these other machines.


      The Acrobat Reader version is 9.3.4  .


      Does anyone have a solution to this?



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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee



          Can you try accessing the PDF link, thorugh any other browser other than Internet Explorer, say Mozilla Firefox. Cause this looks like to be a issue specific to some setting in the Internet Explorer.


          Could you also let me know a couple of other things as well:

          1. When you said that nothing happens, do you mean that you get a blank page on clicking on the link, or is their no response at all?

          2. Do you have any other PDF reader application on your system aprt from Adobe Reader?


          Thanks in advance for providing the information.

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            rwcarruthers Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.


            Google Chrome will open the links, although in a different manner, sometimes in a new window and sometimes in the original window.


            When I say nothing happens, I mean no response at all.


            There is no other PDF reader, but two of the three Win 7 machines have something called Cute PDF Writer.

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              Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

              Thanks for trying out with a different browser. It certainly looks like some setting on your Internet Explorer is not allowing you to access the links. Can you check the following settings:

              1. What is the version of Internet Explorer that you are using

              2. Check for the Pop Up Blocker settings. Maybe the Pop Up blocker is prohibiting the opening of PDFs. Try turning it Off.

              3. Also, can you please check whether you have an Add On for Adobe PDF listed in your Internet Explorer. You can gather the required information to do the same from http://windowsxp.mvps.org/ie/pdf.htm (Under the Steps specific to Windows XP Service Pack 2 section)


              Hopefully one of these works out for you.