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    Please help with preload script or example


      I rarely use Flash so, when I do, I'm usually stumbling around in the dark.


      I've spent the last two days trying to find a method, script or something that would allow me to have a still image or still frame on a web page that the visitor could click to load an external Flash file. I don't want the external file to be loading on the page and slowing down the page load time when every visitor goes to the page. I only want it to load if the user clicks on the "Play" button.


      It seems easy enough, but the external Flash file I have has a "loading" preloader movie that plays until the main movie is fully loaded. That's interfered with the function of some of the scripts I've found.


      Each movie piece--the still frame with button and the main movie with the preloader movie--works fine on its own. Combine them, and they don't work.


      Is there any script, method or example someone could point me to that would work? I'd really like to get something accomplished this week.


      Thanks for any replies.