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    Feature Request Regarding LrDialogs.promptForActionWithDoNotShow - Ability to rename 'Cancel' label.

    areohbee Level 6

      You can set the labels for all the actions, but sometimes it would help to make it clear to the user what's going to happen by pressing cancel, if the cancel label could also be set - just like you can for the other similar lr-dialog functions with cancel buttons (e.g. confirm & present-modal-dialog).


      Note: The "verbs" in the other functions are the labels (and "binding" is the return value, if settable (i.e. present-modal-dialog)), whereas in promptForActionWithDoNotShow the verbs are the return values - it would be less confusing if the naming was consistent across all of these functions.


      EDIT: I just realized why it is the way it is: Cancel always means "don't remember the answer". So, it could be even more confusing to change the cancel label. Personally, I find the whole thing kinda confusing, bet I'm not the only one - maybe I need something to eat...