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    Effects on clips not stacking?


      Gday folks - just been experimenting with sapphire transitions and am having this problem.  When I finally worked out how to use them by keyframing the transition and having the clips on separate tracks I now have the problem that the sapphire transition effect renders on the original source - so if I already have an effect on it (eg mercalli stabilisation) the bit of the clip used for the transition does not have the other effects on it.


      Sorry if this isn't a premiere question - ie if its a sapphire question I'll ask there.


      I tried to put the first effect on the clip and then import the clip as a nested one in a sequence before putting the second sapphire effect on it but this didn't seem to help.


      To get around it I'm putting one effect on and then exporting and reimporting the clip - which seems crazy.


      Any help appreciated thanks.

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          shooternz Level 6

          Try them on  Nest Sequence instread of an intermediate clip

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            SFL46 Level 3

            There is s definite order on how the effects are stacked.  For instance, if you apply a crop effect and then a border effect, the border may apply to the whole image rather than the cropped PIP.  Try changing the order of the effects in the effect control panel.


            I also know that earlier versions of Mercali were not happy with transitions and I always ended up doing an uncompressed intermediate clip and then applying the transitions.  I do not know if this is still the case.  I have v2.0 but haven't had a chance to play with it.


            As an another example, BorisFX UPREZ wouldn't play well with PrPro CS4 Crop effect.  hence UPREZ, export to uncmpressed AVI, import, then apply Crop.  I am waiting for BorisFx to announce an upgrade path for those who purchased the 32 bit version outside of the BCC Suite--so I don't know how this behaves with CS5

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              There is s definite order on how the effects are stacked.


              True, but that should not have relevance to a transition.

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                SFL46 Level 3



                Perhaps I misunderstood the original post, I interpreted it as him applying a transition to a clip that already has clip effects applied.


                What is gained by stacking transitions? can you even do this?  The PrPro CS5 CIB says  that dropping a transition ontop of a transition replaces the existing transition.


                I would have to assume (perhaps wrongly) that the renderer has to factor the transitions in processing the clip effects.


                (1) are the transitions processed before the other effects on the clips are processed?  After?  I would like to think after....


                (2) is the clip effect supressed on that portion of the clip that is under the transitions?

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  1. After


                  2. It should NOT be, but the OP is saying it is.

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                    I know it's been said before, but if you NEST your sequences, most problems like this go away.


                    Sometimes, I'll even create an AVI out of a good sequence set, then transition that to the new sequence clip. The problem with creating an AVI is that you can't change it once it's done.


                    If you're unfamiliar with nesting, here's a brief explanation:



                    SEQUENCE 1: That's where you work with your sapphire transition, tweak it, get it done the way you want it.


                    SEQUENCE 2: Empty. Now go to the project window and place SEQUENCE1 into SEQUENCE2.


                    Try doing your fancywork with the other clip there. If that doesn't work:


                    SEQUENCE 3: Empty. Go to the projectr window and place your SEQUENCE 1 in there, then place SEQUENCE 2 in there, work your magic with the sequences instead of the original clips.


                    When doing complex fades, transitions (and especially moving mattes), THIS is the best way to work your clips, IMHO.