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    Black Box Top/Bottom - Settings Same on Source/Output - Help!


      I am new to Premiere and have a project I must complete for tomorrow.


      On my original project, I noticed the black bar on top & bottom and researched what to do about it in the forum. Great help! Hadn't realized I had presets to select at beginning of project. My original presets were set to default of NTSC - AVCHD Lite 720 (16:9 ratio). So, I noted that and created a new project. This time, I followed guidance and set preset to DV - Standard (4:3 ratio).


      So, once again, I started editing my vid clips. Luckily, I paused this time to check output. Rats! I still have the black bar at top and bottom.


      Go back in and create a new project. This time, I choose DV - Widescreen. I notice this time, that my video almost perfectly fits the black background of the preview screen. So this must be the right setting. Then, to save it, I select Share --> Computer --> and I notice the Preset is set to DVNTSC Std. Hmmm...I leave it and render the video. Back to the black lines. So, I go through the process again, and this time change that Preset to DVNTSC Widescreen, render and see slight black bars to left and right and the image is distorted. I even tried pulling the image wider to overlay the black strips. Know what that did? Brought me back to my favorite top/bottom black lines.


      I am running out of ideas here. Recapping...The closest fit for no black lines prior to rendering the video is when I set the project up as DV Widescreen. However, once rendered, I get the black lines if I use std and distorted image if I use widescreen.


      Any ideas?