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    Pods do not maintain their positions when loading a customised Environment in RoboHelp 8

    symmetricalMan Level 1


      Windows XP Pro

      Dual-screen workstation


      Have just installed RH8 and performed the two available updates, bringing it up to

      RH8 is installed locally, on my computer only, and I am the only user.

      I have a workstation with two monitors. The Windows desktop is spread across the two.


      I have arranged the RH interface such that the main window is on the left monitor, and this is where topics dock automatically when I open them. I have also opened a variety of pods, arranged them on the right-hand monitor, and then saved this Environment.


      Upon loading the environment when I next open RH, most of the pods switch back over to the left-hand monitor, and are arranged haphazardly, with some stacked on top of each other. It seems that RH8 cannot remember my customized environment layout


      In doing a search of the forums for possible solutions I found this thread, which seems to be similar, but I can't see that it was ever resolved.




      Thanks in advance.