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    Does Workbench has Japanese version?




      Could everybody give me an answer about my question?

      I installed the trial verison and found it seems not to support



      Is there specific configuration of language in LiveCycle ES2?


      Best regards.


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          Diana Densmore Level 3

          Hi Tony


          There is no specific Japanese version of Workbench meaning the menus etc are not translated into Japanese.


          However, the product does support the use of double byte characters in application names, process names, form names, actions names etc.

          Anywhere you would use Win Latin characters, you should be able to use doube byte characters.

          Are you experiencing problems with using double byte characters in Workbench?



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            tonyken777 Level 1

            Hi Diana


            Thanks for your quick responding.


            It is a little pitty to hear thant there is no Japanese version.

            In fact, I was planning to introduce Workbench to my Japanese

            customers as a tool of workflow management solution.

            My customers also desire a more user-friendly software.


            Does Workbench has a plan to support Japanese in the near future?


            Best regards