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    PP CS5 blue screen


      Just upgraded my video card from QuadroFX450 to FX1400. So started to use 2 DVI monitors. Installed latest Nvidia driver, all ok. AfterEffects work fine - now the preview is on JVC DTV HD monitor, can see the right colors and have lot of space on main dcomp display.

      Problems started when I tryed to work in Premiere. Premiere immediately crashes all system - The Blue screen appiers and Restart.

      The system is: HP xw9300, win7 64-bit, 6GB ram, Opteron 2 dual processors. Have you any idea where is the problem?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          BSOD is generally indicative of hardware problems, heat, bad memory, unstable PSU, and is often hard to diagnose.


          Look here Some suggestions... and specifically at the second link included.

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            mKalve Level 1

            BSOD message is: nvlddmkm.sys (58 700 results on google search!!!) what means the reason is Nvidia driver.

            Tested with Quadro FX 3500 - the same.

            Tested  Geforce9800gtx and it worked fine! The question is - WHY should I spent so much money for quadro "professional" cards which doesnot work at all? Will repost this to Nvidia, but have no illusions for interes in response.. So sad.