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    Digital Rights & Media Protection with Adobe Flash Media Server

    vineet osho Level 1

      Hi Guys

                    i am Going to start work on a video player.Video player will be used to play videos. Videos files will be encrypted and  video player will decrypt and play it. i just want to know how i can achieve this encryption and deccryption procedure using action scripting 3.0.Is there any algorithm for this.i am searching that. And Some body suggested the following Algorothm:-


      Video files can be encrypted &  decrypted using following algorithms:

      1.       DESCryptoServiceProvider (DES algorithm)

      2.       RC2CryptoServiceProvider (RC2 algorithm)

      3.       RijndaelManaged (Rijndael algorithm) [Recommended]

      4.       TrippleDESCryptoServiceProvider (TrippleDES algorithm)

      I am totally confused. so can any bosy help me out.please guide me how to achieve this encrypted and decryption process using some key.


      Thanks in advance

          Vineet Osho