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    how to give individual horizontal axis label to two stacked bar of cartesian chart


      I have a cartesian chart showing no. of xyz and no.of abc for a particular period of time. i.e. two bars corresponding to xyz & abc for Jan, and then again two bars corresponding to xyz & abc for Feb, and so on. I have used label function to give label to horizontal axis such that labels look like "xyz abc (nextLine) Jan" ,"xyz abc (nextLine) Feb".


      But the issue is that the label is not centre alligned to the respective bars, i.e. xyz is not coming under xyz bar and abc is not coming under abc bar. the whole label's alignment is somewhere in between the two bars on x-axis. And i want to have label centre alligned to their respective bars, i.e 'xyz' should be centre alligned to 'xyz' bar, and 'abc' label should be centre alligned to 'abc' bar, along with the time period value. I have tried giving space in between "xyz" and "abc" but the problem occurs when data varies.They again don't seems centre aligned. I want x-axis label for each bar along with the categoryaxis's  category field.


      So,is there any way to achieve such functionality??