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    Is Adobe Reader safe to use now, or did we have a spoof message?


      This last week we received a message supposedly from Adobe. It appeared on screen in a large panel BEFORE we went online into our email site, so it didnt come through our usual yahoo channel. It warned that Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader 9.3.4 and Adobe Acrobat 9.3.4 (and ALL earlier programmmes) were critically flawed and there was evidence that Flash Player was letting in attackers. It said the computer would crash and thats when they get the opportunity. Well our computer had crashed just prior to this, and once since. It also recommended removing all affected Adobe kit and relacing it with updated versions.


      We checked our Flash player which was -plainly older than the latest one. It recommended downloading Flashplayer However when we erased our Flash Player and asked for the latest update it only offered us again! Why? (We have been subscribing to the free package).

      However, this is somewhat irrelevant as this is the Reader Forum. Whats important to say here is that currently we have removed ALL our Adobe kit for fear it is unsecure: Flash Player, Reader and Plug-in.


      My Reader question is: Is Adobe Reader 9.3.4 safe to use now? I contacted a collegue, who says hes only got Reader 9.1 on his, so if this message is true, then he is affected as well. Can anyone confirm if this message was from Adobe? As it didnt go via yahoo we dont have a record of it once we switched off, but assume it was genuine as Adobe usually reaches us this way. But we are hesitant to go back to it if it means trouble. Our computer is quite modern, uses windows and we usually go through Firefox.