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    RoboHelp crashes during generation of Microsoft Help


      I have been using RoboHelp for a couple of months now and have been able to generate .CHM windows help files from all of the project created so far.  I have just encountered an issue with RoboHelp whereby the application crashes whilst generating a Windows help file.  My installation has not been upgraded or otherwise changed so I am assuming this is a project specific issue. 


      I've been on the phone to Adobe technical support which proved fruitless.  I was expecting this after the adobe employee was finding it hard to remeber what RoboHelp was!!


      I have raised a bug with adobe regarding this issue but was unable to provide much information as there appears to be no error log.  The Windows event viewer is clear and the application is in a clean state when re-opened.



      A couple of questions for you:

      Are there any know issues generating Windows Help Files?

      How can I narrow down the search for the cause (get information from a log file etc.)?






      James Bewley


      Version Adobe RoboHelp