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    Problems running asp pages on windows 7 IIS local host

    Seb John



      I've just put DW CS5 onto my new Windows 7 machine, and am having problems trying to run asp pages on the IIS local host. With DWmx and windows XP I had no problems, but with the new DW and the new operating system - W7 - it's impossible!


      I fill in the all the basics, and am able to set up a remote local site in the wwwroot folder under a new file I have created called "websites". However I keep getting an error 401.3 Unauthorized message in IE9 when trying to view the site I'm working on locally.


      It suggests that I check the ACLs for the file that is being requested, which I have done and have given all the files full permissions - but I still get the same message.


      I'm going to a trade fair where I can't connect the interet, so I have to find a way of showing my site on my local machine.


      Has anyone had this problem with the new version of IIS for W7 and asp pages - and can anyone help? I'm desperate!!