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    Flex Builder 2 and Coldfusion Easy help.

    Bob Saggot
      Here are the steps I did.
      1. Installed lcds and run the server
      2. Have the RDS database setup in coldfusion and opens in eclipse
      3. setup all the cfm's
      4. pointed the project file to server-config.xml file
      5. setup the mapping in coldfusion
      6. running the file built project from cfusionmx7/wwwroot/projectname/bin

      What else am I missing? it says "data won't connect" Do I have to setup a jrun server specifically for this project?
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          I think you need to use ColdFusion 8 with LCDS 2.5.

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            Bob Saggot Level 1
            are you serious! I'll try that.. but does everything else sound good?
            am I missing anything?

            do I need to create a server in Jrun for my specific project?
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              When tracking down connection errors, consider:

              1. If it's HTTP, then think about crossdomain.xml requirements. Are you hosting
              your SWF on the same server that your connecting to? If not, you may need
              a crossdomain.xml policy file on the remote server.
              2. Did you compile against the correct /WEB-INF/flex/services-config.xml
              by specifying its location through the -services command line argument?
              3. Do your endpoint urls make use of the {context.root} token? If so, did
              you provde the --context-root command line argument?
              4. Are you trying to contact a secure endpoint url but did not load the SWF
              via HTTPS?
              5. Have you considered adding <mx:TraceTarget level="0" /> in your MXML and
              using the debugger version of the Flash Player to watch the subsequent trace
              output in the flashlog.txt file?
              6. If you think the problem is on the server, have you tried changing the
              logging level to "Debug" in /WEB-INF/flex/services-config.xml and ensuring
              that the Endpoint.* filter pattern is active for the current logging target?
              7. Did you remember to restart your web application if you have made a change
              to the services-config.xml file or any of its includes (such as editing a
              destination in a service include file?)
              8. Are you sure that the destination you're contacting has channels defined
              (or is relying on a set of default channels for the service) - or did you
              programmatically create your own ChannelSet on the client in ActionScript?