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    BrowserManager and Deep Linking

      I read through the documentation about Deep Linking on Adobe Labs, and tried to implement the functionality described, but It appears that the API is missing a few of the crucial features described in the online docs.

      My Flex 3 Classes do not include the IBrowserManager interface at all, and the BrowserManager class appears to be just a stub singleton class, and none of the functions implemented. Eg. setFragment() setTitle(), init() do not exist at all.

      Have there been subsequent releases of the Flex 3 Beta SDK? or is this feature simply not present until the final release of Flex 3?

      I have confirmed that in the project settings "Enable integration with browser navigation" is checked, but to no avail.

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          Peter deHaan Level 4

          As far as I know Deep Linking should be fully implemented. Do you know what build number you're using (try running "mxmlc -version" from the command line in the appropriate /bin/ folder).

          Also, if you can attach/post some code, I can try it locally.

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            alex_aka_joe Level 1
            I've found the problem, Nothing was showing up because of the little-known [ExcludeClass] metadata tag which appears in the IBrowserManager interface and BrowserManagerImpl class. This apparently excludes the class from the Intellisense code hinting and the documentation.

            Manually adding the import statements:

            import mx.managers.IBrowserManager;
            import mx.managers.BrowserManagerImpl;

            seems to work fine. I guess it just goes to show how reliant I've become on code hinting. I should do some flex projects in notepad to break myself from this terrible habit.