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    Removing spots from series of frames -- specifically lint from jacket!

    rowby Level 1

      Hello all,


      First of all I am relatively new to AE, especially CS5.


      Have checked out some links provided here, and just received Classroom in a Book CS5.


      However I have a specific issue and I have a deadline, so I am asking for a jumpstart on this issue.


      I have a 2-3 second clip that features a navy blue jacket that has noticeable lint on it.  The rest of the scenes there is no lint!


      I have rotobrushed the sequence of the video where the lint is showing, so I have a matte.


      Since I want to retain the texture of the jacket I really just want to either color replace the range of color that the lint represents, or at least minimize the lint.


      I don't want to just use a solid layer -- since I want, as I said, to retain the texture and folds of the jacket as much as possible.


      I see many choices -- however what are some that I could try.




      Rowbylint removal-2.jpg