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    Cannot find built in classes in Flex SDK




      I just downloaded the Flex SDK4 and I am trying to figure out how the Actionscript Virtual Machine 2 links the built in classes, despite the fact that I cannot find the actual definitions on the computer.


      I found some libraries like


      /Users/mobileG/Downloads/AS3/FlexSDK/FlexSDK4/frameworks/projects/framework/src/mx/core/Sp riteAsset.as



      While I am looking for actual classes, that I am familiar with Sprite.as, MovieClip.as etc.


      --- Built in classes --


      import fl.display.Sprite;

      import fl.display.MovieClip;



      My questions:


      1) Where on the computer are the definitions found for the built-in classes (do the references even exist?)


      2) How and When does the Actionscript Virtual Machine link the classes, if it does not have a direct reference to that built-in class on the computer(like Sprite or MovieClip)