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    How can I scale a clip without flickering


      I have a movie that is non-standard size (620 x 170). When I import source movie clips and add them to my timeline they are at a much higher resolution.


      I use the scale transform handles to scale the movie down to fit my stage, then adjust its position of the clip within the frame.


      The problem I am having is that this frequently results in flickering and a degradation of quality. This is very noticeable in areas of the movie with high contrast that remain relatively static for a period of time.


      Is there a better way to down scale a clip?


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Scaling is generally a baed idea. Better use a custom sequence where the resolution matches your source material.

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            You might try the Anti-Flicker settings that are part of every clip used in a sequence. Just select the offending clip, and swivel down the Motion properties. At the bottom of the fixed effects list is an option called Anti-flicker that should default to 0.00. Try adjusting this by varying amounts (it goes up to 1.00 in small increments) until the flicker disappears. What this is doing is adding a slight amount of Gaussian blur in an effort to "smudge" those high-detail areas a bit; this should only be an issue when dealing with interlaced formats. It shouldn't too dramatically alter other portions of the clip.