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    Publishing Presenter to a DVD


      I need to make a presentation published in presenter available to multiple discussion facilitators in various home settings.  Using internet links is problemeatic given the various sites, equipment, access, etc.


      I tried to save to a DVD but got this message, "Adobe Presenter unable to publish this presentation.  Please check that there is enough disk space and you have appropriate permissions for the destination folder."  I am using a DVD-R 16x. 


      I need this by week's end, if possible.


      Is this a possible task?  Is there another way to make a presenter file available other than internet link for the scenario described?


      Thanks for any help, CM

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Welcome to our community


          Have you successfully copied anything to DVD before?


          You might try publishing the presenter content to a temporary folder location. Then use something such as CD Burner XP to copy the files to the DVD.


          Click here to visit the CDBurner XP site


          Additionally, it's worth noting that media such as CD-ROM and DVD-ROM usually cannot be simply copied to. They generally must be formatted first before copying may occur. Packages such as the CDBurner XP usually handle that for you.


          One other thing here. I do believe that if you intend for this to work on a DVD by presenting some type of menu the user will navigate, you have to configure things in a manner that DVD players recognize.


          Hopefully something here was helpful to you... Rick

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            CMface Level 1

            Thanks for the help.  I was able to save to DVDs.